Group to monitor trial of former Tepco executives to clarify truth about Fukushima disaster — The Asahi Shimbun

” Lawyers, journalists and scientists will form a group to help expose the truth and spread details about the Fukushima nuclear disaster during the criminal trial of three former executives of Tokyo Electric Power Co. “We will encourage the court to hold a fair trial while transmitting information regarding the trial across the nation,” said … Continue reading

The Invisible epidemic: Radiation and rising rates of thyroid cancer — CounterPunch

” Is it possible for an epidemic to be invisible? Since 1991 the annual number of newly documented cases of thyroid cancer in the United States has skyrocketed from 12,400 to 62,450. It’s now the seventh most common type of cancer. Relatively little attention is paid to the butterfly shaped thyroid gland that wraps around the throat. … Continue reading

Defiant to the end, last of Group of Six anti-nuclear scientists about to retire — The Asahi Shimbun

” KUMATORI, Osaka Prefecture–Tetsuji Imanaka is the last of the so-called Kumatori Group of Six, a maverick band of nuclear scientists at an elite university here that spent decades speaking out against nuclear energy. At 65, Imanaka is now ready to collect his pension and part company with Kyoto University’s Research Reactor Institute–and he remains … Continue reading

How Kurion plans to clean up Fukushima’s tritium nuclear waste — Bloomberg Business

” Innovator: Gaëtan Bonhomme Age: 39 Chief technology officer at Kurion, a nuclear waste cleanup company with 200 employees that was acquired on Feb. 3 by Veolia, a French waste company Form and function Tritium is an especially tough nuclear waste to remove, because it’s a form of hydrogen and naturally bonds with water molecules. Kurion’s hardware separates … Continue reading

Internal structure of cesium-bearing radioactive microparticles released from Fukushima nuclear power plant —; New meltdown byproduct found far from Fukushima Daiichi — Simply Info

Read on, “Internal structure of cesium-bearing radioactive microparticles released from Fukushima nuclear power plant,” by Noriko Yamaguchi, Masanori Mitome, Akiyama-Hasegawa Kotone, Maki Asano, Kouji Adachi and Toshihiro Kogure * * * Read on Simply Info, “New meltdown byproduct found far from Fukushima Daiichi.”

Panel begins debate on reducing operators’ liability for nuclear accidents — The Japan Times

” The Japan Atomic Energy Commission has started full discussions by experts on whether to limit the liability of nuclear plant operators to pay compensation in the event of an accident. Currently, nuclear operators in Japan bear unlimited liability for damages, but some experts say a ceiling of their responsibility is needed. The discussions are … Continue reading