Researcher: Children’s cancer linked to Fukushima radiation — Associated Press

” TOKYO (AP) — A new study says children living near the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer at a rate 20 to 50 times that of children elsewhere, a difference the authors contend undermines the government’s position that more cases have been discovered in the area only because of stringent monitoring. … Continue reading

Who’s responsible for the Fukushima disaster? — column by The Japan Times

” The International Atomic Energy Agency released its comprehensive — but mostly ignored — final report on Fukushima on Aug. 30. It blamed the March 2011 triple meltdowns at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima No. 1 power plant on a blind belief in “the nuclear safety myth.” In other words, the myth that Japan’s “nuclear … Continue reading

Fukushima contamination – Dr. Tim Mousseau

In this video, evolutionary biologist Dr. Timothy Mousseau discusses research on the biological effects of radiation exposure on biota in Chernobyl and Fukushima. At the end, he highlights the importance of research on the long-term effects of lose-dose radiation on the environment by universities and groups that are NOT  funded by the nuclear industry or … Continue reading

Japan to restart second reactor on Oct. 15 under post-Fukushima rules — The Japan Times

” Kyushu Electric Power Co. will restart one of its nuclear reactors on Oct. 15, making it the second to return to operation after the government introduced stricter safety regulations following the 2011 meltdowns in Fukushima Prefecture, a source familiar with the restart plan said. Kyushu Electric reported its plan to reactivate the No. 2 … Continue reading

Lawyers’ group calls for more government support for those affected by Fukushima radiation — The Japan Times

” CHIBA – Japanese lawyers urged the government Friday to enhance health support for people affected by the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, at a time when around 110,000 people are living away from their homes with the prospect of returning still uncertain. “The state should provide periodical and continual medical checkups for free to those … Continue reading

Reluctant to speak, Fukushima moms admit fear of radiation, pressure from families — The Japan Times

” To stay or to flee. Mothers in Fukushima Prefecture had to make harsh decisions for their families after the nuclear disaster of March 2011. More than four years on, they still have to. Those who remain there live in constant fear for their children’s health. But choosing to flee opened them to accusations of … Continue reading