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Welcome to “Japan Safety: Nuclear Energy Updates.” The purpose of this site is to provide the latest updates of the statuses of the nuclear reactors in Japan, especially Fukushima Daiichi, radiation levels, natural disasters and relevant information to keep those people who are traveling to Japan, already in Japan and affected by Fukushima radiation overseas informed of issues that may compromise their safety and health. This site is an updated  information hub of links, articles, videos, images and websites. Please feel free to post comments and share resources with me, so I can make this site as comprehensive as possible.

You can contact me at japansafety1@gmail.com.

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    • Thank you for the update, Mycle. I updated the link. I’ll try to write up a short commentary on the Fukushima status report once I get a chance. I work an 8-5 job and update this blog on a voluntary basis in my spare time. 🙂 Thank you for supporting my work.


  1. A great blog! Reliable news is hard to find. I’ve started a website for events commemorating the 4th anniversary of 3.11 Fukushima nuclear accident (though all the events don’t refer to the nuclear aspect). I want to bring Fukushima accident and its aftermath to public awareness. If you know of any events not listed on the site, please let me know; I want it to be comprehensive. URL: http://fukushimafourthanniversaryevents.blogspot.com

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