Bringing the focus back on life — Fairewinds Energy Education

Chiho Kaneko, a board member of Fairewinds Energy Education who grew up in Iwate, Japan, spent last December and January in Fukushima prefecture and shares her experiences there. As the Fukushima residents have experienced radiation sickness along with people in Tokyo and beyond who have experienced high rates of sickness and strange symptoms, Kaneko developed a skin rash that does not heal, a scratchy throat and pain in her eyes. She saw visible mutations and gigantism of plants and animals in the prefecture. There have been many unexplained deaths, and 74 children who were under the age of 18 during the three meltdowns have developed thyroid cancer or have been suspended of developing thyroid cancer. Fukushima residents live with the fear that they and their children will develop sickness or diseases as a result of radiation exposure. They constantly face the difficult decisions of whether or not to eat local foods and fish and let their children to play outside.


Fairewinds summary: ” The Fukushima Daiichi disaster opened the door to see how this is not merely a Japanese crisis. It is a crisis that transcends geography and time. We traced the roots of this crisis back 60-years to the fishing boat Daigo Fukuryumaru, or #5 Lucky Dragon, and American efforts to force nuclear power upon the Japanese people. ”

Access this video as well as a podcast version on the Fairewinds Energy Education site.


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