Fukushima survivors recall calamity — The Hindu

” Five years after the nuclear disaster of Fukushima Daiichi, survivors recalled the calamity and said that countries must be cautious in setting up nuclear power plants.

Emiko Fujioka, Secretary General of Fukushima Beacon for Global Citizens Network, along with two other residents of Fukushima, had come to the city to highlight the magnitude of the meltdown.

“The meltdown was the result of the negligence of the government, who should have considered all safety precautions while setting up the plant,” said Masami Yoshizawa, a cattle rancher pointing to photographs where over lakhs of men, women and children had to flee the city through the mountains.

“Even the mountains are now contaminated and you cannot enter inside,” he said. 164,224 people were evacuated from Fukushima one year after the disaster and 101,282 more left in four years. Members of 80 families among those that stayed back, committed suicide.

“A family of three who used to grow apples committed suicide a year after the accident, as they couldn’t leave behind the life they built here,” said Mizuho Sugeno, an organic farmer and president of Seeds of Hope.

“Our fields have become toxic and our cattle have died. We have been subjected to radiation in our bodies and go for check-ups to ensure it is minimal,” said Masami. “It’s every country’s responsibility to take steps to ensure the safety of their citizens,” she said. “



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