USS reagan sailors sue for nuclear justice

Attorney Charles Bonner gives an update on his class action litigation on behalf of 250+ named military personnel harmed by exposure to Fukushima fallout during an aid mission in March 2011. The mission was called Operation Tomodachi; “tomodachi” means “friends” in Japanese. The suit targets the plant operator and its manufacturers — GE, EBASCO, Toshiba and Hitachi. These sailors, many of whom were in their young 20s up to 35 years old during the mission, have been suffering from various forms of cancer, atrophies, cataracts, skin conditions, etc., starting within the first year after their return from Japan. Three sailors exposed to radiation have died, and one named sailor’s wife gave birth to a baby with genetic mutations.

Bonner notes that many reactors all over the United States share the same GE design as Fukushima No. 1. And guess what, they’re ALL leaking!


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