Takashi Murakami explains how Fukushima inspired his new children’s movie — Hyperallergic

” . . .  BS: Has the trauma from the tsunami and the nuclear disaster been dealt with much in Japanese cinema and pop culture? I remember after September 11 there was a period when you couldn’t refer to anything even remotely related to terrorism or the World Trade Center, and then a few years later there started to be movies, books, and TV shows about 9/11. Has something similar happened in Japan now that it’s been four years since the tsunami?

TM: There are films that are treating the theme and the incidents, but they are never well-received. I think the Japanese people want to put a lid on some of these things. Especially with Fukushima, there’s just crazy contamination and radiation; people compare it to Chernobyl and say this is so many times stronger and worse. There’s the meltdown right there, but people are looking away and pretending like nothing has happened, and they want to feel like nothing wrong is going on. But there are about four or five films per year that actually address the problems and treat what happened there, but there’s nothing on TV ever. And it’s all self-censored. It’s not that the government is trying to downplay it, but people don’t want to react to it. ”

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