Japan’s nuclear refugees — National Geographic

National Geographic reporter Lucille Craft discusses the radioactive no-go zones surrounding Fukushima Daiichi and speaks with refugees from Namie, known as the “forgotten town” by Japanese magazine Bungei Shunju. Evacuees who now live in temporary housing are allowed to visit their homes for two to three hours on rare occasions in order to retrieve certain items. This article allows you to put yourself in several evacuees shoes, if just for a minute, to experience how surreal their situation is.

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One thought on “Japan’s nuclear refugees — National Geographic

  1. Why do people continue to refer to Fukushima as the “second” worst accident next to Chernobyl? By this time it should be clear that Fukushima far exceeds Chernobyl in scope and implications for the future. Chernoble may have had more initial release of nuclear materials but Fukushima now in its 3 year without resolution continues to spread its nuclear contamination.

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