Reactor 4 spent fuel assembly removal 10 percent completed — Fukushima Update via EX-SKF

” The fuel assemblies stored in the fuel rack inside the Unit 4 spent fuel pool are to be taken out and transferred to the common pool located within the station site for centralized storage. This fuel removal operation starts on November 18, 2013. Its completion is scheduled for the end of 2014.

From TEPCO’s page dedicated to the Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool fuel removal operation:

Breakdown of transferred assemblies: (updated 01.23.14)

  • Spent fuel: 176 assemblies/1,331 assemblies

  • Unirradiated (New) fuel: 22 assemblies/ 202 assemblies

So far, no news of major or minor hiccups whatsoever, and the world hasn’t ended yet. ”



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