Testimony of a Fukushima evacuee, Mikosan

Mikosan, a courageous mother and evacuee from Iwaki City, Fukushima, shares her struggle to obtain information about radiation exposure and safety precautions to take in order to protect her children. She has been mislead and lied to by the government, doctors, institutions and media about the true risks of radiation exposure that have caused her and her children typical symptoms of radiation sickness — thyroid cysts, bloody noses, diarrhea, etc. Rather than providing thyroid tests and blood counts, the government ordered health facilities, schools and officials to evade panic by reminding citizens that decontamination is underway and radiation exposure at certain levels is still safe. Meanwhile, Mikosan explains that her personal decontamination efforts around her new residence have been both futile and detrimental to her health. Not only are citizens being denied information about the amount and effects of radioactive isotopes that they are unknowingly ingesting and inhaling (especially from the burning of radiative debris from Fukushima), but they are denied sufficient information to protect themselves and prevent further exposure. Mikosan calls for a grassroots effort to educate the public by the public and provide an informed basis to instigate change by the mere realization that one is needed.. and fast!! This video came out last September, but English subtitles only became available recently. I recommend you watch it.



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