Fukushima leak is far worse than Japan is letting on, nuclear experts warn — The Huffington Post

” Conflicting reports have left many baffled, and now nuclear experts have highlighted that no one really knows the true severity of the radioactive water leaks at Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan.

The crippled plant’s operator, the Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco), has been desperately pumping water into the wrecked reactors to cool nuclear fuel that melted when the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami knocked out the plant’s power and cooling systems. 

The utility has built more than 1,000 tanks holding 335,000 tons of contaminated water at the plant, and the amount grows by 400 tonnes daily. Some tanks have sprung leaks, spilling contaminated water onto the ground.  

The toxic water is being stored in temporary tanks at the site and last month Tepco admitted that 300 tonnes of highly radioactive water had leaked, in the most serious incident to date.

Mycle Schneider, an independent consultant who has previously advised the French and German governments, said the escalating situation is “far worse than we truly know.”

“There are hundreds of issues at stake here,” he told the Huffington Post UK.

“Whether it’s temperature, radiation exposure, or the number of people exposed – all of these statistics are flawed. We don’t know anything yet.” … ”

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