Fukushima radioactive leak is ‘the greatest threat humanity ever faced’ – expert — Voice of Russia

” Japan’s nuclear regulator has raised safety concerns about the hastily built storage tanks at Fukushima’s NPP after seeing signs of more radiation-contaminated water leaks. David Webb, Chief Executive Officer of Origin Investments AB, talked to the Voice of Russia about his opinion on the latest measures that are being taken to prevent further leaks and about the effectiveness of international help.

Among the latest measures to tackle the problem of Fukushima there are creation of a decommissioning agency and the merger of Nuclear Regulation Authority with Japan’s Nuclear Energy Safety Organization. Do you think that such bureaucratic procedures can be effective for tacking the issue?

I think we should keep in mind that TEPCO declared plants 1, 2 and 3 to be in cold shut-down. And of course we now know that was not the case. Other people were pointing out that the cores had melted down through the facility. We now know that is the case.

This problem with radioactive water was an inevitability. So, this has been known for 2 years. So, I think it does point out that the time had passed to allow the people in government there and TEPCO to address the situation. This calls for international cooperation. … “

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