Time to take over Daiichi? — The Japan Times

Christopher Hobson, a research fellow at the Institute for Sustainability and Peace, United Nations University, Tokyo, offers an informed recommendation of why it is important for the Nuclear Regulation Authority and Japanese government to directly take control of Fukushima Daiichi and take it out of the hands of Tokyo Electric.

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Fukushima News 7/26/13: Nuclear Watch: Promoting Kurokawa Report: Expert to Tepco- You are Clueless

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I recommend this video. The information is  well put together. I could try to summarize it for you here, but you are better informed by simply watching it.

This next short video contains a very condensed version of some of the information above, including Tokyo Electric’s admitting to the long-term leaking of radiation into the Pacific Ocean.

Japanese government forcing society to act as if nothing has happened — RT America

RT America interviews a Greenpeace activist about Greenpeace’s testing of radiation levels in and around Fukushima and fish in the Pacific Ocean. They also discuss the safety of nuclear energy and global trends toward the shutting down and phasing out of nuclear power plants.