How David slew a nuclear Goliath — Counterpunch

This article is about the grassroots initiative to shut down the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station in California. However, it contains a powerful critique on the effects of radiation from the nuclear plant in Fukushima. I’ve pasted it below. Click here if you would like to read the rest of this article.

“Then Fukushima happened, and the opposition to San Onofre in the community swelled.  American ex-pats came back from Japan to California with their young families, with terrifying stories about the incredibly poor way the Japanese government and many of the Japanese people are handling the radiation crises over there.  Highly radioactive rice and vegetables are being downblended with less radioactive products to reduce the dose to “acceptable” levels. Radioactive food is being exported to poor countries as “aid” supplies.  Radioactive waste is being shipped around Japan only to be burned (and thus released to the environment) in cities far from Fukushima.  And worst of all: Thyroid abnormalities are suddenly rampant among Japanese children and there are rumors of excess numbers of stillbirths and deformed babies that can’t survive, of doctors being told not to say anything to the parents — to just say the baby was born dead.”


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