Japanese monkeys’ abnormal blood linked to Fukushima disaster – study — The Guardian, etc.

The Guardian: “Primates in Fukushima region found to have low white and red blood cell levels and radioactive caesium” ” Wild monkeys in the Fukushima region of Japan have blood abnormalities linked to the radioactive fall-out from the 2011 nuclear power plant disaster, according to a new scientific study that may help increase the understanding … Continue reading

Fukushima Daiichi Unit 3 debris removal operations released 280 billion becquerels per hour — Enformable Nuclear News

” TEPCO has announced that they estimate some 1.1 trillion becquerels of radiation was released during debris cleanup operations at the Fukushima Daiichi Unit 3 reactor. According to TEPCO’s estimates the removal work generated 280 billion becquerel per hour releases. Some of the radioactive cesium which was released during the debris removal operations was found … Continue reading

Spent nuclear fuel: Reprocess or dispose? — NHK World

” The Japanese government’s basic stance is to reprocess all spent nuclear fuel to extract plutonium and reuse it as fuel at nuclear power plants. A basic energy plan adopted in April upholds the nuclear fuel recycling policy. But, for the first time, the plan also called for studies on ways to directly dispose of … Continue reading

Tepco: Groundwater bypass showing limited effects — NHK World

” Work to pump up groundwater to keep it from flowing into the contaminated Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant is apparently having limited effects. Plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, reported the results of the operation so far at a meeting of experts at the industry ministry on Friday. TEPCO began the so-called groundwater … Continue reading

Running backwards on health support after the nuclear accident: Ministry of Environment expert meeting — July 22 Tokyo Shimbun via Fukushima Voice version 2e

Here is the English translation for the Tokyo Shimbun article. The original Japanese version is available on the “Fukushima Voice version 2e” blog. ” The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) Expert Meeting Discussing Health Support After the Fukushima Nuclear Accident is taking an unthinkable twist. At the July 16th meeting, an outside researcher asked for … Continue reading

Stigmatized workers quitting Tepco in droves — The Japan Times

” Stigma, pay cuts and risk of radiation exposure are among the reasons why 3,000 employees have left Tepco, the utility at the center of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster. Now there’s an additional factor: better paying jobs in the feel-good solar energy industry. Engineers and other employees at Tokyo Electric Power Co. were once … Continue reading