Japan prosecutors set to rule on possible Fukushima indictments — Reuters

” (Reuters) – Japanese prosecutors must decide this month whether to charge Tokyo Electric Power Co former executives for their handling of the 2011 Fukushima disaster, in a process that could drag the wrecked nuclear plant’s operator into criminal court. The judicial review is unlikely to see the former Tepco executives go to jail, legal … Continue reading

Video conferences from March 12 and 13, 2011 — Television Asahi

This video shows conferences from March 12 and 13, 2011, between former plant manager Masao Yoshida at Fukushima Daiichi, the TEPCO main office, the Fukushima off-site center, Fukushima Daini and the Kashiwazaki Kariwa plant. Tokyo Electric released this footage on Friday, May 10, 2012, over a year after the nuclear meltdowns. They released only six hours of 49 hours … Continue reading

Japan’s new METI minister says will restart reactors deemed safe — Reuters

” TOKYO, Oct 21 (Reuters) – Japan’s newly appointed trade minister, Yoichi Miyazawa, said on Tuesday that he would continue with the policy of seeking to restart nuclear reactors deemed safe by the atomic regulator. Miyazawa, speaking to reporters, also said he would move towards restarting Kyushu Electric Power Co’s Sendai plant in southwestern Japan. … Continue reading

“There is so much sickness and death that it cannot be considered simply as ’caused by stress’ ” — Junko Honda via World Network for Saving Children From Fukushima

” Mrs. Junko Honda migrated from her native Kagamiishi, Fukushima prefecture, to Sapporo, Hokkaido, after 3.11. Although she was a successful beauty salon owner who ran two salons in Kagamiishi, she closed down the businesses in 2012 and moved to Sapporo with her husband and two children. Honda took a number of unusual health problems … Continue reading

What life is really like in Japan following the Fukushima nuclear disaster — News.com.au

” ONCE pristine rice paddies overgrown into forests. Wild animals roaming the streets of eerie towns with an uncertain future. That’s the scene described by Australian teacher Jessica Hellamy who recently had the chance to see inside the 20km exclusion zone created after the nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima Dai’ichi powerplant in 2011. “Time had … Continue reading

Newsroom revolution, empowering the people — Jun Hori via TED Talks, Kyoto 2013; Japan’s timid coverage of Fukushima led this news anchor to revolt — PRI

Jun Hori, a former news anchor for NHK, the Japanese state broadcaster, quit his job because of the pressures on NHK to restrict and censor news in Japan, especially news regarding the Fukushima nuclear power plant. He began his own public participation news site, 8bitnews.org, where thousands of Japanese and global citizens have posted videos … Continue reading